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Meat Judging

The SDSU Meat Judging program exists to generate student interest in meat science and to develop teamwork, communication, and critical-thinking skills among program participants. Participating on the Meat Judging team is an excellent complement to a student’s education at SDSU, as they learn to evaluate final product quality, fabrication procedures and marketing in the meat industry. Meat Judging team members are given the opportunity to represent SDSU and compete with other universities at eight national competitions in Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Meat judging offers students the opportunity to learn about the meat industry and become more involved with the end product of livestock production.

Interested students can become involved by taking the Introduction to Meat Judging Course (AS 200). Upon completion of AS 200, students are eligible to become a member of the Meat Judging team and represent SDSU at national competitions.

The SDSU Meat Judging Team competes in eight contests annually:

  • National Western - Greeley, Colorado
  • Southwestern - Ennis, Texas
  • Iowa State University Invitational - Ames, Iowa
  • Eastern National - Wyalusing, Pennsylvania
  • National Barrow Show – Austin, MN
  • American Royal - Omaha, Nebraska
  • High Plains - Friona, Texas
  • International - Dakota City, Nebraska