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  • Make friends for life

  • Family/team atmosphere

  • Leadership opportunities day 1

  • Personal growth and development

  • Challenge/push yourself outside your comfort zone

  • Variety of majors, career field options and development tracks after graduation

  • Guaranteed Job after graduation - $54,700 starting pay (see here)

  • Promotions at 2 & 4 years. Pay raises every 2 years (see here)

Dining Out
  • Tax-free housing/cost of living pay (see here) and food allowance (see here)

  • 30 days of paid time off (PTO) a year (see here)

  • Air Force pays for relocation (see here)

  • Medical, Dental, and Eye Care benefits included

  • Scholarships/Educational benefits

  • Retirement benefits (401K). Government matching up to 5% (see here)

  • Life Insurance included

  • Travel the world (personally and professionally)

Military Ball

Current as of: September 2020