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Career Opportunities

Which Air Force Career Best Matches My Major? 


Business, Finance, Human Resources, Program Management, Any Degree

  • Contracting (any degree)
  • Force management (any degree)
  • Financial management (any degree)
  • Acquisitions (any degree)

Aviation, Operations, Management/Leadership, Any Degree

  • Airfield operations (any degree)
  • Missile operations (any degree)
  • Space operations/Space Force (any degree)
  • Pilot (any degree)
  • Pilot - remotely piloted aircraft (any degree)
  • Combat system officer (any degree)
  • Air battle manager (any degree)
  • Special tactics (any degree)
  • Tactical air party controller (any degree)
  • Combat rescue officer (any degree)

Language and International Relations, Any Degree

  • Intelligence (any degree)
  • Information operations (any degree)

Criminal Justice, Any Degree

  • Security forces (any degree)
  • Special investigations (any degree)

Communications, English, Any Degree

  • Public affairs (any degree)

Computer Science

  • Cyberspace operations
  • Communications (any degree)

Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Business, Any Degree

  • Aircraft maintenance (any degree)
  • Munitions and missile maintenance (any degree)
  • Logistics readiness (any degree)


  • Civil, developmental, electrical, mechanical, architecture
  • Acquisitions/program management (any degree)

Biology, Chemistry, Medical Field Interest

  • Hospital administration (any degree)
  • Doctor 
  • Nurse


  • Operations research analyst
  • Chemist
  • Physicist

Professional Careers

  • Lawyer
  • Chaplain 

Current as Of: Spring 2022