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Child Care Provider Technical Assistance & Coaching

The SDSU Family Resource Network is part of the Early Childhood Enrichment system which provides technical assistance to support a challenge or an opportunity for strengthening skills. On-site technical assistance can be in the form of an observation to assist providers with behaviors and guidance, evaluation and enhancement of policies and  procedures. Providers can also create a coaching relationship with an FRN Training Specialist to increase their confidence to put their knowledge from ECE trainings into action until that desired skill has become a quality practice within their child care program.

Here are the main categories that the SDSU-FRN Training Specialists can support area child care providers: 

Business Practices

☐ Fiscal

☐ Marketing/Promotion

☐ Personnel

☐ Policy

Child Development

☐ Infant

☐ Toddler

☐ Preschool

☐ School Age


☐ Activities

☐ Learning through Play

☐ Observation

☐ Planning


☐ Outdoor

☐ Room Arrangement

☐ Toys/ Materials

Guidance & Discipline

☐ Challenging Behaviors

☐ Communication

☐ Routines & Schedules


☐ Nutrition

☐ Physical Movement

☐ Sanitation & Handwashing

Parent Relationships

☐ Communication

☐ Conflict Resolution

Responsive Caregiving

☐ Communication

☐ Cultural Awareness

☐ Inclusion

☐ Interactions


☐ Emergency  Preparedness

☐ Indoor Safety

☐ Outdoor Safety


If you are a child care provider or working in a child care program, and are interested in technical assistance and coaching, please complete the inquiry form below.