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South Dakota Orientation Training On D2L

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On-Demand Orientation Training On D2L

The South Dakota Early Childhood Enrichment system developed a South Dakota specific on-demand series to assist staff in meeting the orientation training requirements. This series was available for staff from July 2016 through December 2019. If you need access to a training certificate from the D2L SD Orientation to Child Care please click the LogIn Here on the right hand side and enter your user name and password.

If you have questions please call the Family Resource Network at 605-688-5730.

South Dakota Orientation on-demand training is available free of charge.

Complete each 30-minute session at your own pace. If you need to step away in the middle of a session, you can stop and when you return, pick up right where you left off.

Once you have completed a session, you will be able to print your certificate or download and save a copy to your computer.

On-Demand Training Topics Include:

  • Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases - 30 minute training
  • Safe Sleep Practices and Reducing the Risk of SIDS - 30 minute training
  • Administration of Medications in Child Care - 30 minute training
  • Prevention & Response to Food Emergencies and Allergic Reactions - 30 minute training
  • Providing a Safe Environment in Child Care - 30 minute training
  • Prevention of Abusive Head Trauma and Shaken Baby Syndrome - 30 minute training
  • Emergency Preparedness and Planning for Child Care Programs - 30 minute training
  • Safe Handling and Storage of Hazardous Materials in Child Care - 30 minute training
  • Appropriate Precautions in Transporting Children - 30 minute training
  • Child Development Orientation - 30 minute training
  • First Aid Orientation - 45 minute training