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Out-of-School Time (OST)

In today's society, the hours parents work and the hours their children attend school often do not coordinate. Children are often left alone after school because their working parents have no other options. Experts agree that school-age children who are unsupervised during the hours after school are more likely to receive poor grades and drop out of school than those who are involved in supervised, constructive activities.

Children require and deserve quality activities and supervision when working parents cannot be with them. Out-of-school time programs can provide the positive environment that children need. The South Dakota Department of Social Services Division of Child Care Services (CCS) encourages school officials to work with their communities to build programs that positively impact K-8 children during their out-of-school time. 

The Child and Family Resource Network provides resources for schools and communities that want to offer structured and safe environments for children when they are not in school. Contact the OST Specialist at the Child and Family Resource Network.

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