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Official Transcript Request Instructions

Requesting your official transcript

  1. Head to and select the corresponding order procedure. Note: NusingCAS, PTCAS, AMCAS, etc, please see section below.
  2. Click the Online Transcript Request link.
    1. If ordering as a guest: Select Create Account. Please fill out all prompted identity and attendance information as accurately as possible.
  3. On the "Select Documents" tab, identify the institution, location or email address of your intended recipient. Note that many institutions and employers prefer eTranscripts, just ask to find out!
    1. If you wish to send your transcript to yourself, another individual, company, or institution that isn’t identified in the search function, click accordingly.
  4. Select the type of transcript you wish to order.
    1. An eTranscript will generate a PDF and be sent almost immediately. This PDF can be opened by the recipient up to three times within 30 days. This is the fastest, most secure, and environmentally-friendly method to request your transcript.
    2. A paper transcript can be selected, but will require the Enrollment Services Center in Vermillion to print your transcript and mail it through the US Postal Services. Estimate 7-10 business days to complete a paper transcript request.
  5. Verify the destination and delivery method is correct for your transcript. Attach any documents if necessary. Select all Board of Regents institution attendance. Remember, you only need to request one transcript to receive all BOR history.
    1. If you are sending your transcript to yourself or a third party, you will be prompted to provide the address/delivery information necessary.
  6. The first time you request a transcript, you will need to provide consent. Future orders will recognize that you have provided consent.
  7. On the following pages, please verify the order details, billing information, and your contact information. If everything is correct, proceed to checkout.
    1. Your card will be charged by Parchment and you will receive a corresponding confirmation email. You will also be notified once the order is processed. Questions about your order should be directed to the phone number in this confirmation email.

American Association of Colleges Application Service Transcripts

You will need your CAS ID and Transcript Matching Barcode from your order form. Follow the instructions above, but note these additions:

  1. On the "Select Documents" tab, enter your organization with no spaces: AMCAS, NursingCAS, PTCAS, OPTOMCAS, etc.
  2. Continue and confirm your details. After confirming, a pop-up box will prompt you to enter your corresponding ID and/or Barcode number. These are on your matching form.