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Other Parking Permits

Motorcycle (Includes Moped and Scooter) - 9 Month - $36 | Permit: MC

  • Motorcycles require a permit to park on campus.
  • All such vehicles using a Motorcycle permit shall only park in designated motorcycle stalls/areas.
  • Motorcycle permits and rules apply to all motorcycles, mopeds, mini-bikes, dirt-bikes, motor scooters and motorized bicycles.
  • Motorcycle/moped/scooter parking is included with any resident permit. As moped/scooters frequently have no license plate, a Parking Services issued decal is required.
  • Do not park these vehicles in or near bicycle racks, chained to lamps posts, trees, etc. If found chained or parked on a sidewalk, the vehicle will be impounded by the Parking Services office. Cost of the chain, lock, etc. shall not be reimbursed or replaced by the University. Motorcycle parking is prohibited* from November 15 to April 1.
  • Motorcycle permits are only available for purchase at the Parking Services office.

*These stalls are closed to all commuters during this interval. No non-motorcycle parking any time.

Temporary Day - $2.50/day

  • Temporary permits are only valid for Standard Commuter and Economy Commuter lots.
  • Temporary parking permits are issued by the Parking Services office or can be purchased through one's parking portal.

Gold Key Permit: GK

  • Special benefit provided to individuals who provided a service to the University and have retired. Gold Key permits are allocated based on a request from your department or college head and approval from the Parking Services Office. These permits are automatically renewed annually but a request for a permit can be made at any time. To submit a request or to provide new vehicle information please contact the Parking Services office at 605-688-7275. 
  • Gold Key permits are valid for all Standard Commuter and Economy Commuter lots.

Miller Wellness Center Permit: WC

  • This permit is only valid for designated Miller Wellness Center parking stalls.
  • These spaces are enforced from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.
  • University employees and students may not use a Miller Wellness Center permit to park in the Miller Wellness Center parking stalls in order to attend class or work. This includes students and employees who work in the Miller Wellness Center.

Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act Permit: PWFA

  • This permit is available to those who are experiencing limitations related to pregnancy.
  • This permit requires a person already hold a SDSU parking permit and an accommodation process with HR before obtaining the permit.
  • Permit holders will be allowed to temporarily park in a designated location within close proximity to their campus office.