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Visitor Parking

When parking in any campus location (other than the pay lot) visitors will need to obtain a Visitor's Permit. To acquire a visitor permit, come to the Card and Parking Service Center located in the University Student Union, or the University Police Department located east of the Stadium off of Jackrabbit Avenue. This permit must be hung from the vehicle's rearview mirror so that enforcement can easily see the visitor permit.

Visitor Parking Areas

2020-21-Digital-Parking-Map for Visitors

Departmental Guest Permits

If you are a guest of a specific department you may obtain a Departmental Guest Permit by the department for your convenience. Employees and students do not qualify as guests and may not use a departmental guest permit. Please contact the faculty, staff or department for more information on a guest permit.


Any vehicle that is registered to or used by an employee or student, does not qualify to park in visitor-designated parking areas. These vehicles must park in the pay lot or a permit lot.