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Contractor, Vendor and Service Provider Parking

Contractors working on campus are limited to parking within the construction staging areas or any other lot they have been assigned from Facilities and Services. To utilize these areas, contractors must acquire a valid Contractor Parking Permit from the Parking Services Office. Any contractor vehicle parked outside of their assigned areas will be issued a citation. These citations can be appealed by emailing the parking office any/all pertinent information. Any contractor vehicle with a minimum of three unpaid citations is subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Contractors that receive a citation on campus are able to pay at the Parking Services Office or online at the following link Pay Citation Online.

Vendors who perform services at university buildings and on its property, driving easily recognizable service vehicles painted with a “branded/logo signature” or an appropriately sized magnetic or attached sign, are allowed to park in a reasonable manner on campus. Magnetic business cards are not appropriately sized. All vendor, contractor, consultant and service provider employees who drive their personal vehicles and choose to park on the SDSU campus must get a vendor parking permit or park within the designated fenced construction area.