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Garden Glow FAQs

Welcome to a wonderland of holiday lights and sounds at McCrory Gardens!

Glowing lights
Do I need a ticket in advance?

Yes! With more than 7,000 visitors to Garden Glow in 2019, it was time to determine how to offer an even better experience for all. The GOAL: easier access to parking and no waiting in long lines outside to get to the main event – the LIGHTS! With this plan, ample room for all to social distance and enjoy the great outdoors in the most magical way.


Need help getting tickets? The Education & Visitor Center venue services phone number is 605-688-6707. Call us or stop in Wednesday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

How many tickets can be sold per one transaction?

Maximum total number of tickets sold in one transaction: 8*

*even if your ticket type is a FREE, it needs to be included in the total number of tickets sold.
WHY: Keep watch on the total number of humans at any given time in the gardens.

Can I purchase tickets for multiple nights?

Purchasing tickets for more than one night? GREAT! You will need to complete a separate admission ticket form for each night. (For example: one cannot purchase tickets for a Tuesday and Wednesday via the same form.)

Can I purchase tickets in person?

There will NOT be a way to purchase tickets in person, on-site during the hours of Garden Glow. If you can access the ticket site via your own mobile device, THEN you could potentially get a ticket if the night is not yet sold out.

Friends of McCrory MEMBERS: you should have received an invitation in the mail of which included a special code for you to receive FREE tickets, based upon your membership level. Please call venue services at 605-688-6707 with any questions you may have about this. You MUST reserve your date and time for Garden Glow. Walk-ins may meet with disappointment as there are NO in person, on-site ticket sales during the hours of Garden Glow. (Even if your ticket type is FREE.)

Will the Education & Visitor Center be open during Garden Glow?

No. As a gentle reminder, there are no restrooms available on site during Garden Glow.

How do I present my ticket?

At your ticketed time slot, arrive at the entrance to McCrory Gardens. A new gatehouse will be there with attendants to affirm your arrival and share any instructions about parking, entering and exiting Garden Glow. If you hold tickets for someone that is not in your vehicle, you may need to wait at the side of the drive until all arrive. Timing is a crucial step towards having the best experience possible for all.

What to wear?

As Garden Glow is an entirely OUTDOOR experience, certainly dressing for the weather is key.

Do I need to wear a facial covering?

Wearing facial coverings outdoors are not required but highly welcomed and wanted.

What about walking in the gardens?

Garden Glow lives along a one-directional walking trail through 3 acres of the formal gardens. When you arrive at the entrance to the gardens, a volunteer will greet you and share instructions on the pathway. As we say at McCrory, please use caution – nature happens. Snow, ice and rabbits. The path IS accessible for wagons, strollers, wheel chairs and walkers.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs and other pets should stay at home where it is warm.

However, mark your calendar for January 6, 2021. “Doggie Date Night” is tentatively scheduled for the final night of Garden Glow – dogs will be ALLOWED into Garden Glow on this one special night.

Thank you!

Funding for all that you experience during Garden Glow comes purely through ticket sales, the generosity of donors and the on-going financial gifts of supporters. 

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