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Arboretum Collections

Arboretum Collections

Here are just a few of the many collections that call the South Dakota State Arboretum home!

Birch Collection with its delicate, white peeling bark.

Birch Collection - a favorite spot for many, offering interest year-round with its delicate, white peeling bark.

Maple Collection with brilliant fall colors

Maple Collection - with brilliant fall colors and tapping for syrup in the early spring.

Basswood Collection with brilliant yellow leaves

Basswood Collection - any time of year is wonderful to visit the Arboretum, but fall can be particularly colorful.

Smokebush Collection of diverse shrubs

Smokebush Collection - a diverse selection of shrubs, such as the show-stopping Smokebush.

Pear Collection on trees

Pear Collection - the Arboretum boasts many fruiting trees and shrubs, such as the Pear Collection with its blush pink fruit.

Crabapple Collection

Crabapple Collection - crabapples have an appeal for both wildlife and homeowners with their useful and beautiful fruit.

Oak Collection with bright orange leaves

Oak Collection - featuring many types of Oaks for our climate such as Northern Pin Oaks, Mongolian Oaks and Bur Oaks.

Euonymus Collection

Euonymus Collection - an attractive "must-see" all year round, with its truly unique foliage and fruit structures.

Sycamore trees
American Sycamores - are attractive even in winter with their interesting bark.