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How to Wear a Graduate Student Hood

Master's/DNP Students

Watch video below on how to properly wear your graduate hood.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students will not wear their hood into the ceremony, but will instead carry their hood over their left arm. They are hooded by their academic advisor and Dean of the Graduate School when their name is called to walk across the stage. Below are instructions on how students will be hooded: 

  1. Student will place hood over their left arm, felt facing outward. They should ensure the string and button on the back of the hood are NOT tied. 
  2. The student will proceed across the stage when their name is read, stopping at the Dean of the Graduate School. The adviser will follow. Advisers will stay to the left of the Ph.D. student. 
  3. Students will offer the hood to their adviser. 
  4. Students will be hooded by both the Dean of the Graduate School and their adviser. If necessary, students should bend at the knees while the hood is placed over their head. 
  5. Students should remain in place while the hood is adjusted. Students should not attempt to button the front of their hood until they return to their seat.