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2023 Graduation Parking

Parking and Traffic Information 

Parking for SDState Commencement Ceremonies is free to families and guests.

Ingress traffic flow will be directed from the South, where guests can find their designated parking lot. Please use the ingress traffic and parking map when making your arrival at the Swiftel Center.

Traffic leaving the Swiftel Center will be directed to the North to the Highway 14 Bypass. There will be no traffic directed to the South. Please use the egress traffic map when making your departure from the Swiftel Center.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking spaces can be found at the South side of the Swiftel Center. If these parking spaces are full, there is a designated ADA drop-off area on the Southeast side of the Swiftel Center to accommodate.

Returning to Campus 

At the completion of each ceremony, traffic will be directed north to the Hwy 14 By-Pass. This is to ensure safe and efficient transitions between ceremonies.  Once you are on the Hwy 14 By-Pass access to campus and the Brookings community is available at a number of access points. 

  • 22nd Ave. -- Easy Access to McCrory Gardens 
  • Jackrabbit Ave. --Easy access to the University Student Union
  • Stadium Road-- Access to campus  
  • Medary Ave. -- Closes access to Downtown Brookings and the SDSU Alumni Center