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Guide to General Education Requirements

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Our Commitment to General Education

The general education curriculum is central to South Dakota State University's mission to help students develop the competencies, principles, and modes of thinking crucial for advanced study in their major and for meeting the obligations of an informed and engaged citizenship. These foundational courses promote scientific inquiry; quantitative reasoning; written and oral communication; an awareness of the historical, psychological, social, economic, and political structures that inform our present moment; and an understanding of the contributions diverse cultures make to our common humanity. South Dakota State University and its faculty express their commitment to helping students acquire the sensitivity, knowledge, and powers of analysis and reasoning they will need to contribute in meaningful ways to the workplace and beyond.

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General Education at SDState

The General Education curriculum for all undergraduate students is further explained in the following sections. General Education curriculum consists of System General Education Requirements. SDBOR Policy 2:7 and SDBOR Academic Affairs Guidelines 8.3 identify (a) the purpose of the requirement, (b) the skills to be developed in each course that satisfies the requirement, and (c) the approved courses. Students may only select general education courses from the approved list. These requirements are effective for students entering Fall 2017 and later.

Students must meet major requirements in addition to general education requirements. Students should consult their academic advisor to determine the appropriate general education requirements for their specific major.

Students entering South Dakota State University must meet the 30-credit Board of Regents (BOR) General Education Requirements. System General Education Requirements will be completed in the first 90 credit hours of a baccalaureate degree program.

A course that counts toward a General Education System Requirement at one of the Regental campuses will count toward the same General Education goal at another campus, regardless of whether or not the campus offers that course. Students who complete the System General Education Requirements at any SD Board of Regents institution and then transfer to another SD Board of Regents institution will have fulfilled the System General Education Requirements at the new institution even if the receiving institution has different credit/course distribution and approved course lists.

System General Education Requirements (SGRs)