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General Education Faculty Resources

Our Commitment to General Education

The general education curriculum is central to South Dakota State University’s mission to help students develop the competencies, principles, and modes of thinking crucial for advanced study in their major and for meeting the obligations of an informed and engaged citizenship. These foundational courses promote scientific inquiry; quantitative reasoning; written and oral communication; an awareness of the historical, psychological, social, economic, and political structures that inform our present moment; and an understanding of the contributions diverse cultures make to our common humanity.

General Education Faculty and Staff Resources

General Education Course Review & Assessment Process

The General Education Sub-Committee is charged with managing the general education curriculum and review process at SDSU. This group is a sub-committee of the SDSU Academic Affairs Committee. In order to support the assessment rotation, the General Education Sub-committee has developed a plan for peer-review of all general education courses, to be carried out in a rotation so that each SGR course is peer-reviewed the year before the planned assessment for that SGR.

Course Review Rotation

SGR #Year of Course Peer ReviewYear of Assessment Review
#3 and #62023-20242024-2025
#2 and #42024-20252025-2026
#1 and #52025-20262023-2024; 2026-2027

General Education Course Review and Assessment Process