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General Education Assessment Plan

South Dakota State University General Education Assessment Plan 2023-2026

The South Dakota State University General Education Assessment Plan outlines the purpose, principles, and processes which guide the assessment of student learning identified by the System General Education goals and student learning outcomes.

The General Education requirements seek to prepare students with the skills to communicate effectively, problem-solve, analyze, locate and gather information and think critically and logically (SDBOR Academic Affairs Guidelines 8.1). The curriculum is designed to:

  • Empower students to be conscientious citizens.
  • Train students to understand how to think, not what to think.
  • Expose students to the breadth of ideas, cultures and values that explain the world.
  • Equip students for working together and thinking critically in ways that contribute to solving problems;
  • Provide a foundation for, and the enhancement of, the knowledge and skills necessary for their chosen pathway after degree completion.
  • Foster respect for the ideas, cultures and values of others.

SDSU General Education Sub-Committee

In 2019, the SDBOR assigned the design and implementation of general education assessment plans to each individual institution. To accomplish this, the SDSU General Education Sub-Committee was assigned to develop the SDSU General Education Assessment Plan.

The SDSU General Education Sub-Committee of the SDSU Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for providing leadership and management of general education. More specifically, the sub-committee (as stated in the Academic Affairs Committee Charter):

  • Reviews general education requirements and recommends revisions as appropriate.
  • Organizes and coordinates efforts to inform students and faculty of the nature, purpose and value of the System General Education Requirements (SGR).
  • Periodically reviews the goals/criteria for inclusion of courses.
  • Establishes procedures and reviews requests for course additions to the SGR.
  • Conducts a 5-year rotating review of courses and educational experiences listed under the SGR.

The membership of the SDSU General Education Sub-Committee includes college representatives from all academic colleges: Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education and Human Sciences, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions. Members also include a representative from H. M. Briggs Library and the First Year Advising Center. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Assessment and Office of Academic Affairs Curriculum and Catalog Coordinator serve as ex officio members. One of the college representatives serves as a liaison to the SDSU Academic Affairs Committee.

Sub-committee Members