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Undergraduate Civil Engineering Program

Civil Engineering Students at Junior Day

When you choose an accredited program, you are choosing wisely.

Accreditation assures that a program has met quality standards set by the profession. To employers and graduate schools, as well as licensure, certification and registration boards, graduation from an accredited program signifies adequate preparation for entry into the profession. Many of these groups require graduation from an accredited program as a minimum qualification.

Undergraduate Advisement

Undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering program are assigned academic advisors who will provide guidance regarding academic progress and career options.  During their freshmen or first year, all civil engineering students are advised by a professional advisor.  Students with sophomore, junior or senior standing are advised by civil engineering faculty members.  Academic advisors use an Advising Guidesheet for each student to select the appropriate coursework for subsequent academic years and to monitor the student's progress toward graduation. 

Program Enrollment and Graduation Data