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Program Overview


Civil Engineering includes the location, design, construction and the operation and maintenance of highways, airports, buildings, bridges, dams, water supply and distribution systems, waste water collection systems and treatment plants, irrigation and drainage systems, river and harbor improvements and many other infrastructure facilities essential in modern life. Civil Engineers are responsible for all aspects of the world’s infrastructure.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department’s mission is to provide a highly respected, rigorous, practical education for our students, oriented toward problem solving through the integration of education, research and lifelong learning. In fulfillment of this mission the Department has established the following program educational objectives that describe the expected accomplishments of our graduates after graduation.

Educational Objectives

The Civil Engineering Program at SDSU prepares students to achieve the following educational objectives within the first five years of their career:

  1. Completion of professional licensure or specialized certification.
  2. Be life-long learners by earning an advanced degree and/or through professional development such as active participation in professional organizations and attendance of conferences and seminars.
  3. Active involvement in their profession, communities and global society with a trajectory that leads to leadership positions within organizations.


Civil Engineering (M.S.)
Civil Engineering (Ph.D.)

Facilities and Services

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department is housed in Crothers Engineering Hal and maintains over 18,000 square feet of classroom and laboratory space dedicated to undergraduate instruction and research experience, as well as testing laboratories for research and sponsored projects. This includes the Lohr Structures Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, HDR Environmental Lab, Geotechnical Lab, Concrete Lab, Structural Materials Lab, Bituminous Lab, Design Studio Laboratories and Student Computer Lab.

Student Support and Engagement Opportunities

Additionally, the program strives to assist students in developing a commitment to high standards of professional conduct by maintaining a strong, active American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter Program, promoting summer, cooperative education and internship employment experiences in civil engineering.