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Chemistry and Biochemistry Help Resources

Be sure to check out the tutoring below for Summer 2023.

Beginning Fall 2023, the Chemistry/Biochemistry/Physics academic resources will be updated.

Summer 2023 Chemistry Help Resources:

  • Chemistry 108: 
    • Students are encouraged to contact Dr. S. K. Madsen for help.  The course office hour zoom link is in D2L.
    • Also, the Smarthinking tool is available in D2L.  Students are encouraged to read the notes about the limitations of Smarthinking specifically for Chemistry 108.
  • Chemistry 114:
    • Be sure to look at the flyer below.
    • If students need any help with the tutoring process please contact Dr. Jay Shore.
    • Or, students can also contact Dr. Sara K. Madsen.
    • The ConnectState quick link is to the very far right.
Summer 2023 Tutoring announcement and some instructions