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Jackrabbit Pharmacy

Jackrabbit Pharmacy

Jackrabbit Pharmacy

The SDSU Jackrabbit Pharmacy serves all eligible SDSU students, faculty/staff, and their family members. The SDSU Jackrabbit Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from doctors outside of the student health clinic. We offer competitively priced over-the-counter and prescription medications along with discounted birth control. 

Prescription Refills

Due to COVID-19, and the changes with how the pharmacy operates, pharmacy staff recommends that you give a two day notice for prescription refills by calling your prescription refill into the pharmacy (Phone-605-688-5410). Thank you for your ongoing support of the Jackrabbit Pharmacy. 

Pharmacy Services

  • Prescription Medication

  • Over-the-Counter Medication

  • Pharmacy is able to file insurance claims electronically; insurance card needed

  • This pharmacy serves all eligible SDSU students, faculty/staff, and their families

Pharmacy Vending Machine 

You can now receive over-the-counter medications at your own convenience. The Jackrabbit Pharmacy has provided an over-the-counter medication vending machine located in the main hallway of the Miller Wellness Center. Items available to purchase: 

Variety of options in Pharmacy Vending Machine
Pharmacy Vending Machine


Pain Relievers                      Thermometers                          

Cough and Cold                   Heartburn Relief                        

Plan B                                   Allergy Relief                             

Condoms                              Band-Aids

Pregnancy Tests                   Sports Wraps

Students, faculty, and staff will be able to purchase items using their HOBO dough. Enjoy our new Wellness Center facility with its new features. For questions, please call or visit the Jackrabbit Pharmacy today.