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Jacks® Esports


The Space

The Jacks® Esports Lounge is an exciting new space filled with state-of-the-art computer equipment, top of the line gaming chairs, TVs, gaming consoles and comfortable seating. You don't have to be a competitive or even experienced gamer to enjoy this space. All students are welcome and it's free! Plenty of space to flex your gaming muscles and hang out with your friends.

The Gear

We have Xbox's, Nintendo Switches, Oculus VR and 12+ Alienware PC's with Titan Gaming Chairs. Our high tech equipment is a gamers dream and available in our spacious PC room. Several big screen TV's and plenty of spots to sit-down with your personal laptop to game on your own. 


No food is allowed in the facility. Drinks must be sealed and may not sit on PC tables or near gaming consoles.

Members must keep their area looking tidy and clean, including throwing away all trash.

During periods of high traffic, users mar be asked to leave their station to accommodate other users at the discretion of staff.

All SDState esport equipment is not to be removed or altered in any way. if any settings are changed, please return it to its original state.

Members may bring their own equipment and games, but must take them with them at the end of their session.

Spirited competition is encouraged. Always show the same courtesy and respect for those around you that you would expect in return. Excessive volume, fighting and disorderly conduct are prohibited. Disorderly conduct includes but is not limited to verbal or physical abuse to participants or stand, physical abuse to property, aggressive behavior and excessive swearing.


The facility is located in the basement of the Enrollment Services Center at 1175 Medary Avenue. The entrance is on the north side of the building on 11th Street.

Parking Lot Map

Parking outside of the Enrollment Services Center on 11th Street is prohibited Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. It is recommended that all students and visitors park in the Standard Commuter Lot north of the Agricultural Heritage Museum.

Thursday-Saturday 5-10 p.m.

At this time, the facility is only open to SDState Students with their Jacks ID.

We do not allow food of any kind in our facility. Drinks are allowed as long as they are able to be sealed. Do not set drinks on PC desks or near any gaming equipment.

Students are more than welcome to bring their own equipment. Equipment will also be available for students that do not have their own.

No. All PC and Console games are free for SDState students.

Our facility has two Xbox's, one Nintendo Switch, two Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets and 12 Alienware PC's.

A personal computer is played with a mouse and keyboard. A console is a video gaming system that is played with a game controller.

We carry a number of different titles for our VR Oculus, Xbox systems, Nintendo Switch and on our Metactix software available on our PC's. Please call the Esports Lounge and speak with an Esports Desk Attendant to learn what games we currently offer.

If we don't carry a certain title you're interested in, please let our staff know. 

Metactix is a Game Center management software that houses our PC games. Gamers will need to register an account through Metactix using their Jacks email:

First-time logins will need to head to the Esport Reception Desk and ask for time to be added to their account.

At this time, we do not plan on allowing reservations in our facility.

Not at all. This space was designed for first-time gamers through competitive gamers.

Yes, the space is ADA compliant. Our PC room includes one desk that is height adjustable and all settings on gaming equipment are adjustable to fit the gamer's needs.