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Navigating Narratives: The Corps of Discovery in Titonwan Territory

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Originated by the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies (CAIRNS), this educational exhibition examines the interactions between the boatmen of the Corps of Discovery Expedition and the Titonwanian people through first-person accounts from Sept. 23 to Sept. 30, 1804, as documented in the daily journals by Corps members William Clark, Patrick Gass, John Ordway and Joseph Whitehouse. CAIRNS has invited contemporary visual artists, poets and musicians to create works related to one or more of the journal entries.

Curated by Craig Howe.


Seventy creatives created songs, artworks and poems for this exhibit. Though all of them are citizens of the United States of American, 30 are also citizens of American Indian tribes. Of these tribal citizens, 28 are citizens of Lakotan nations, the descendant nations of the Titonwanian peoples who welcomed and feasted the Corps of Discovery members in 1804. Visit the CAIRNS website for the complete list of these creatives and links to their works: "Navigating Narratives."


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