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Termespheres: Without Beginning or End

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Termespheres® provide "an optical illusion: an inside-out view of the total physical world around you on the outside surface of a hanging and rotating sphere. [They] capture the up, down and all around visual world from one revolving point in space. Most of the time these spheres are painted on the outside so it takes a six-point perspective system to keep all of this environment around you organized," Dick Termes said.

Explore the mesmerizing world of Dick Termes through this large selection of Termespheres®. Termes was raised in Spearfish, received his bachelor’s degree in education from Black Hills State University and began a career as an educator. It was during this period that Termes discovered his passion for sharing ideas. Eventually he decided to pursue his own art full-time and in 1992, he opened the Termesphere Gallery just outside of Spearfish that has been visited by thousands of art enthusiasts from around the globe. You can also enter the world of Termes through a virtual reality experience, which will be available for use in-person.

Explore all twenty-eight works in the exhibition, with Dick Termes as your guide.

Dick Termes Talk at the South Dakota Art Museum

Join Us:

July 13, 4-5:30 p.m. | Drawing Workshop with Dick Termes (Registration Here)

March 23 | "Termespheres" Reception and Dick Termes Artist Talk (watch it in the section above)

March 18 | Perspective Drawing Workshop with Dick Termes 

News Release: 

Termespheres exhibit opens at South Dakota Art Museum

Learn More:

About Dick Termes

About Termespheres®

Understanding six point perspective


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