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Jerry Fogg | 11 Degrees of Tatanka: Native Soul Art

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Yankton Sioux artist Jerry Fogg (Wanagi Tatanka, or Bull Ghost) uses a rich range of materials from native culture to create one-of-a-kind artworks that tell stories and teach about the history and values of his people. Fogg uses found objects in his assemblages alongside elements of his own creation such as beadwork, painting and drawing. His combination of historical, traditional and contemporary materials creates complex three-dimensional mixed media expressions that blend the stories of those who came before him with his own.

A selection of works in this show, "11 Degrees of Tatanka," was created by the artist to honor the American bison, or buffalo, who, through the sacrifice of his body has sustained the body and spirit of generations of Oceti Sakowin people. Giving not just food, shelter and clothing, the body of tatanka is used to create the artworks that keep oral traditions alive and provide a bridge from the past to the present to the future. The large figurative installations that makeup "11 Degrees of Tatanka" are a celebration and story of Yanktonai culture, history and values—told through the unique and singular narrative voice of Jerry Fogg.

About the artist

Jerry Fogg is an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe (Ihanktonwan Nakota Oyate). He was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised near Fort Thompson on the Crow Creek Reservation. Fogg attended Flandreau Indian School in Flandreau and Dakota State College in Madison. He now resides in Sioux Falls. Fogg has served as an advocate for Blood Run, the Hiawatha Indian Insane Asylum and the Pé Sla land initiative. In addition to his work as a visual artist, he is the lead singer and percussionist in the rock band Native Soul.

A self-taught artist, Fogg began pursuing his artistic passions in high school. He was inspired by the work of artists like Oscar Howe (Yankton Sioux Tribe), Donald F. Montileaux (Oglala Sioux Tribe) and others. Fogg has received numerous awards for his work, including Artist of the Year, Flandreau Indian School, Flandreau; Best of Show (mixed media), United Tribes Art Expo, Bismarck, North Dakota; Best of Show, Yankton County Open Art Competition, Yankton; and Best of Show, Artists of the Plains, Sioux Falls.

Jerry Fogg programs at the South Dakota Art Museum

1. Native Soul Art, Art Guild Program, Nov. 30, 2021

2. 11 Degrees of Tatanka, Opening Reception Gallery Talk, Nov. 30, 2021


  • Brilliant show! Thank you for driving the Hiawatha Indian Insane Asylum tragedy to my attention. Heart wrenching history.
  • Well done, my friend. -Chris Francis.
  • Thanks for what you do! -David & Susan.
  • Excellent Exhibit.
  • Powerful, thank you!
  • Beautiful, powerful. -Ashley.
  • Bringing so much to light. –Shawnop.
  • Fascinating, intense, too intense to have in your home greatness.
  • I love the mixed media. "Mount Dakota" is an amazing depiction of how we as a nation change history to fit our narrative. -Ariel 
  • Insightful exhibit, we need to know more about the culture, tradition and their practices. The Native American culture teaches us to respect and honor mother Earth these work’s on display tell us a story as old as humankind and makes us wonder how the tribes survived in the harsh winter with nothing but their strength and perseverance.
  • This exhibit was so amazing to walk through. It’s so nice to see contemporary art like this showing us the history and a modern lens in which to view it.
  • Great to be here and see your work. –Joan & Greg

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