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Heated: Art to Keep You Warm

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SDAM "Heated: Art to Keep You Warm" exhibition

As cooler weather prevails outside, the South Dakota Art Museum has gathered a selection of works from the collections to keep you warm! We hope the art in "Heated" warms your body and transports your mind through bright colors, vibrating patterns, balmy landscapes and more.    

SDAM "Heated: Art to Keep You Warm" Oct. 28, 2023 - April 21, 2024

What warms you?

Are you dreaming of escaping to sunny destinations? Artworks on display transport you to warmer climates like Zion National Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Barcelona, Spain.

Do the bright, beaming warm colors and exciting patterns warm you? Feel the color-based op art induce prickly, warm feelings in your brain or perhaps even on your skin, as the colors, shapes and lines appear to vibrate, move and exude warmth.

Are you ready for the changing of the seasons and the new growth that brings? See flowers bloom, tree leaves glisten, prairie grasses sway and imagine the fresh smells and warm sun that feeds this resurgence of life.

Are you excited by the thought of engaging in summertime activities? Visualize yourself picking flowers, sunbathing, sailing or relaxing in a favorite hot spot.

Friends, throughout the South Dakota winter, we invite you to come in for a little heat. Envelope yourself in the art, enjoy the activities, and find your inner warmth and comfort.


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