Grand Prize Winners


2018Morgan KohlWaverly South Shore
 Shantel MackWaverly South Shore
 Cheney Vander Berg and Joshua BeltmanUnity Christian School
 Elsie Aslesen and Jess HuberElk Point Jefferson High School
2017Christopher DeGrootUnity Christian High School

Kashfia Rahman


Brookings High School
 Sheila CochraneBrookings High School
 Caden Zonnefeld and Jacob VreugdenhilUnity Christian School
2016Morgan KohlWaverly South Shore

Kashfia Rahman

First Award of $2,500 from National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health & the Friends of NIDA

Third Award of $500 from American Psychological Association

Brookings High School
 Paxton De Haan and Schuyler MalenkeUnity Christian School
 Jordan DavelaarUnity Christian School


2015Dhwani Kharel and Kia WittBrookings High School
 Morgan KohlWaverly South Shore

Kashfia Rahman

Third Place- Behavioral and Social Science

Third Award of $1,000 from National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health & the Friends of NIDA

Brookings High School
 Rylan BrueUnity Christian High School


2014Connor HenzeElk Point-Jefferson
 Benjamin HummelFlorence High School

Zarin Rahman

Third Place- Behavioral and Social Sciences

Brookings High School
 Katherine YoungBrookings High School


2013Benjamin HummelFlorence High School
 Zarin Rahman

ISEF Award 1st Place- Behavioral and Social Sciences

Brookings High School
 Mikaela FischerWaverly South Shore
 Seth PetraElk Point Jefferson


2012Matt Hummel
1st Place National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
 Zarin Rahman

ISEF Award 2nd Place- Behavioral and Social Sciences

Brookings High School
 Yiuan HeBrookings High School
 Seth PetraElk Point-Jefferson


2011Matt Hummel Navibot: Phase IVFlorence
 Megan MinatraSound of Mathness: EncoreWaverly
 Hope Goode At the Beat of My HeartGarretson High School
 Brittany Berndt Milk ExtravaganzaDeubrook



2010Adam Halverson
ISEF Award 2nd Place (Individual)
VSR-2:TALOS FG, The final ultimatumGarretson High
 Nick MuellerTwin Turbines?Garretson High
 Chris Aslesen & Jake TschetterHow much does texting effect human reaction time?Florence High


2009Alexandra HummelDo you have Synesthesia? Phase IIIFlorence High School
 Matt HummelNavibot: Phase IIFlorence High School
 Andrew Ter Haar & Sam BaasA New Spin on GravityUnity Christian High School


2008Melanie EngeldingerDrifting AwayElk Point - Jefferson High School
 Alexandra HummelDo you have Synesthesia? Phase IIFlorence High School
 Adam Halverson & Anthony Winterton

ISEF award: 3rd place (team category)

VSR-1: TalosGarretson High School


2007Kelsey ArthurUsing Molecular Markers to Find the QTL of the Gene in Association with Resistance to Soybean Aphids and Maturity GroupsSouth Shore School
 Tamara ParliamentBang Your Head: Anatomy of An Accident (Physics Applied) Phase IIHamlin High School
 Adam Halverson & Anthony WintertonCodename: X-speciesGarretson High School


2006Shauna WaiteHealth Analysis: Green vs. Black-Phase IIFlorence High School
 Tamara ParliamentAnatomy of An Accident: Physics AppliedHamlin High School
 Anthony Winterton & Ian CarlsonThe Cutting EdgeGarretson High School


2005Josh ChilsonBiodiesel: Fuel of the Future? Phase VFlorence High School
 Jacob StricherzParticle Deflection from a Co-60 Source: A Matter of Homeland SecuritySouth Shore School
 Nancy Heuer & Liza BergPremature Birth due to EMFSouth Shore School



Jennifer Goedhart
ISEF award: 2nd place (microbiology category)

Effect of Hazelnut Extract on BacteriaUnity Christian High School
 Jacob Stricherz
University of Oregon Internship
Mpemba Effect on Water & Hydrogen PeroxideSouth Shore School
 Amy Mauseth & Andrea BrownPattern Recognition Using Electrical StimulationDeubrook Area Schools


2003Jennifer Goedhart
IFT Award: Weed Science Society of America
Effect of Corn Steep Liquor on Weed Seed GerminationUnity Christian High School
 Mikki Jo KeebleA Daily Dose of BlueSouth Shore, SD
 Kyle Donnelly & Justin SieverdingAn "Egg"celent ProblemElk Point-Jefferson High School


2002Josh Chilson
U.S. Patent Office
Biodiesel: Fuel of FutureFlorence High School
 Diana GylingBenchmarks of Mathematical Programming TechniquesBrookings, SD
 Amanda Schmig & Cristy PauliDo You See What I See?South Shore, SD


2001Jerome KoistinenA Stainless Solution to a Leaky ProblemHamlin High, Hayti, SD
 Jessica RowlandHigh Dose Interference of Virus Replication of PRRSVBrookings, SD
 Micky Snieder & Mike MulderThe Possibilities of Recycling are Growing!Unity Christian, Orance City, IA


2000Jacob SeppanenMore than Just Milk?Hamlin High, Hayti, SD
 Patrick KoistinenOil Analysis: Wear Metals & Elements ContaminantsHamlin High, Hayti, SD
 Travis DeJung & Matt RutlerPropeller PitchUnity Christian, Orange City, IA


1999Tiffany TrummComparative Respiration: Influence of Environmental StimuliHamlin High, Hayti, SD
 Julie Popham
AM Meteorological Society
Variation in Particulate Concentration: Western vs. Eastern SD SnowfallHamlin High, Hayti, SD
 Jerome Koistinen & Jeremy SneedenCan Your Mind See?Hamlin High


1998Amanda GoebelAir Quality: Comparative Analysis of Late Model Vehicle EmissionsHamlin High, Hayti, SD
 Nicole VosThe Allelopathic Effects of Alfalfa on Seed GerminationUnity Christian, Orange City, IA
 Kristi Mulder & Rachel NoteboomEffects of Electrical Current on Worm RegenerationUnity Christian, Orange City, IA


1990Sara LueckeStudent Day Time Pulse Rate VariationsLincoln High, Sioux Falls, SD


1985Brent WolfeHow Antiseptics Affect BacteriaNew Effington, SD
 Stephanie MarkoInvestigation of a Viscoelastic FluidPatrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD


1984Stephen SimonEffect of Smoking on the Health of AnimalsLincoln, Sioux Falls, SD
 Larry Corria, Jr.Accumulative Study of Acid PrecipitationLincoln, Sioux Falls, SD


1983James JacobsonEffects of Car Exhaust on Radish PlantsPatrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD
 Larry Corria, Jr.Formaldehyde: The Growing ThreatLincoln, Sioux Falls, SD


1982Becky MooreEffects of Acid Rain on Living ThingsPatrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD
 Valerie CappNortheastern South Dakota's #1 Problem: WeatherSouth Shore, SD


1981Julie A. MooreInfluence of Cigarette Smoke and Derivatives on Rat CillaLincoln, Sioux Falls, SD
 Michael J. BadeRadio TelescopeNorthwestern, Mellette, SD


1980Sandra L. PetersonThe Effects of Toxin on the Conjugation of Paramecium caudatumViborg, SD
 Jon N. ChristensenAnalysis and Correction of Harmful Substances in Municipal Water SupplyViborg, SD


1979Sandra L. PetersenCrustaceans: Brine ShrimpViborg, SD
 Jon C. FischbachSelf-Contained HouseNorthwestern, Mellette, SD


1978Josette BoeschCarcinogenic Effects of Trichlorethylene on White MiceLincoln, Sioux Falls, SD
 Douglas DegeestTris: The Fire RetardantViborg, SD


1977Patricia R. FordResensitivity of Bordetella bronchiseptica to AntibioticsViborg, SD
 Dale R. SorensenSound WavesViborg, SD


1976Vernon StrasserEffects of Tannic Acid on MiceParker, SD
 Rolland L. StoryStudy of Emissions of Exploding WiresParker, SD


1975Kevin J. KleenEffect of UV Light on YeastBrookings, SD
 Gail MarekPaper Chromatography: Separation of ColorsPatrick Henry, Sioux Falls, SD