Category Descriptions

Animal SciencesDevelopment, ecology, animal husbandry, pathology, physiology, populations genetics, and/or systematics
Behavioral and Social SciencesClinical and developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, and/or sociology
BiochemistryGeneral biochemistry, metabolism, and/or structural biochemistry
Cellular and Molecular BiologyCellular biology, cellular and molecular genetics, immunology, and/or molecular biology
ChemistryAnalytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and/or general chemistry
Computer ScienceAlgorithms, data bases, artificial intelligence, networking and communications, computational science, computer graphics, software engineering, programming languages, computer system, and/or operating system
Earth and Planetary ScienceClimatology, weather, geochemistry, mineralogy, paleontology, geophysics, planetary science, and/or tectonics
Energy and  TransportationAerospace and aeronautical engineering, aerodynamics, alternative fuels, fossil fuel energy, vehicle development, and/or renewable energies
EngineeringMaterials and bioengineering: bioengineering, civil, construction, chemical, and/or industrial engineering, as well as processing and/or material science

Electrical and mechanical: electrical, computer, and/or mechanical engineering, controls, robotics, thermodynamics, and/or solar

Environmental Science

Environmental sciences: air pollution and air quality, soil contamination and soil quality, and/or water pollution and water quality

Environmental management: bioremediation, ecosystems management, environmental engineering, land resource management, forestry, recycling, and/or waste management

MathematicsAlgebra, analysis, applied math, geometry, and/or probability and statistics
Medicine and Health SciencesDisease diagnosis and treatment, epidemiology, genetics, molecular biology of diseases, physiology, and/or pathophysiology
MicrobiologyAntibiotics, antimicrobials, bacteriology, microbial genetics, and/or virology
Physics and AstronomyAstronomy, atoms, molecules, solids, biological physics, instrumentation and electronics, magnets and electromagnets, nuclear and particle physics, optics, lasers, masers, theoretical physics, and/or theoretical or computational astronomy
Plant SciencesAgriculture, agronomy, development, ecology, genetics, photosynthesis, plant physiology (molecular, cellular, organismal), plant systematics, and/or evolution