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How to Apply

Information for applicants seeking admission starting Fall 2024

The admissions process for the SDSU Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine mirrors that used by the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. The Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine is a participating member of a national application service called the Veterinary Medical Application Service (VMCAS). With one Web-based application, prospective veterinary students may submit their application to most of the U.S. and many Canadian and international veterinary colleges that participate in VMCAS.

The Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine requires that all applicants, resident, and non-resident, submit their initial application via VMCAS. International applicants are considered for admission only if their pre-veterinary coursework has been completed at an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university.

The VMCAS applications for the Class of 2028/program start Fall 2024 are now open. The application deadline is Sept. 18, 2023. Please read the following information carefully for more details on our application requirements and evaluation policies.

Application deadline

The VMCAS applications for the Class of 2028/program start fall 2024 are now open. Please refer to AAVMC/VMCAS for more details. The application deadline is September 18, 2023. This is a firm deadline and late applications are not considered. View our application checklist for a summary of materials to submit with your application.

Processing fee

The Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine does not utilize a supplemental application but does require an additional, non-refundable application processing fee of $85 payable online with a debit or credit card and due on the same date as the application deadline.

  • $85 for the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine
  • $85 for SDSU - UMN (Rural Veterinarian Practitioners Program)
  • $135 for both UMN and combined SDSU - UMN (Rural Veterinarian Practitioners Program)

Application Fee Assistance for Financially Disadvantaged Candidates

The Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine is pleased to announce an application processing fee refund program for financially disadvantaged applicants. Applicants who qualify for and receive waivers through the VMCAS Fee Reimbursement Program are invited to apply.

Candidates may apply once they have successfully submitted their VMCAS application and paid the SDSU PPVM $85 application processing fee (both due by the September 18, 2023, deadline). Applications to this program will be available to complete online starting May 2023, and accepted through October, 15, 2023. A copy of the letter/email confirming the candidate’s participation in the VMCAS Fee Refund Program will be required as part of the application materials.

The SDSU PPVM will review and select a limited number of applicants to receive an $85 refund shortly after the October 15, 2023, deadline. All participants will be notified of their refund status shortly after the deadline.

Please contact Jessica Juarez, Director/Assistant Professor, for more details.

GRE general test

After careful consideration, the Admissions Committee has decided to discontinue the GRE requirement for the Class of 2028.

Official transcripts

Official copies of all transcripts from any college or university attended should be sent to VMCAS by September 18, 2023. The Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine will be unable to process or forward transcripts that are sent to us and not to VMCAS. More information on the transcript verification process can be found on the AAVMC website.

Letters of reference

The Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine requires three electronic Letters of Reference (eLOR) on behalf of each applicant. eLORs are submitted directly through VMCAS as part of the application. Applicants may submit up to six eLORs in total. It is strongly recommended that at least one eLOR is written by a DVM. Others may come from individuals known in a professional environment, such as employers, volunteer coordinators, instructors, advisors, etc.

Prerequisite coursework in progress

Fall semester/quarter grades in progress at the time the application is submitted will not be included in the evaluation of applicants. The academic record used in the evaluation of applicants will conclude as the applicant's academic record stands at the end of summer term prior to the mid-September application deadline. Those offered provisional admission to the Class of 2028 will send a final transcript at the end of spring term 2024, which will reflect grades received Fall 2023 and Spring 2024, if applicable.

All required pre-veterinary coursework must be complete by the end of spring term prior to the start of the DVM program in the fall. All college coursework must be listed on the VMCAS application as either 1) complete, 2) in-progress, or 3) planned for the fall, winter, or spring terms during the application cycle.

Applicants who do not complete all prerequisite courses, by the end of the spring term prior to the fall term in which admission is being sought, will be ineligible for admission. Summer 2024 courses will not be permitted for applicants wishing to start during Fall 2024.

After applications have been reviewed, the final step in our process is a face-to-face interview. All applicants that meet the academic and subjective review standards set by the Admissions Committee will be invited to an online video (Zoom) interview with members of the admissions committee in late January or early February. Interview invitations are typically sent in early January. Students who are invited to interview but fail to appear will not be considered for admission. Students may schedule an on-campus visit with our admissions faculty at any time during the process, and candidates offered admission will be invited to campus for an on-site visit.

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