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Standard Waivers and Releases

Standard waivers and releases are documents that have been approved for use by the SDSU Office of General Counsel. Please review the following information to ensure proper use of a standard waiver or release.

Information Regarding Proper Use

Standard Waivers and Releases

  • The Office of General Counsel maintains standard waivers and releases for use for the majority of routine University activities. Please discard any prior waivers and releases that you have been using, unless they have been approved by the Office of General Counsel.

Required Information

  • Please make sure that the participant has provided all required information and signed and dated the release.

Minors Cannot Execute Releases

  • Standard waivers and releases must be signed by an individual who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, or their legal guardian must execute the release on their behalf.

Customized Waiver or Release

  • If any of the standard waivers or releases does not meet the needs of the activity, please contact the Office of General Counsel, and we will be happy to prepare a release that specifically addresses the needs of your activity.

Retain the Executed Waivers or Releases

  • The executed waivers or releases must be retained for a period of six (6) years from the date of the activity per REG-81 of the SDBOR Records Retention Manual. If a litigation hold is in place, the retention period will not expire until the litigation hold is lifted.

Templates for Standard Waivers and Releases