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Office of General Counsel Strategic Plan

The South Dakota State University Office of General Counsel will be a high impact office coordinating and providing accurate, ethical, and strategic legal services to further South Dakota State University's cutting edge education, research and creative and stewardship vision.

Office of General Counsel Strategic Plan Goal One

Promote Excellence through Effective Legal Services

  • Strategy 1: Assist University actors with policy and agreement development to support increased high quality academic programs.
  • Strategy 2: Assist designated officials with proactive legal services for the development of high impact student success models.
  • Strategy 3: Provide proactive and reactive legal services to support the recruitment, retention and graduation of professionally prepared global citizens.

Office of General Counsel Strategic Plan Goal Two

Cultivate and Strengthen Community Engagement

  • Strategy 1: Assist University work and academic environments to foster an appropriate service culture.
  • Strategy 2: Assist the University in enabling external engagement.

Office of General Counsel Strategic Plan Goal Three

Foster Innovation and Increase Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

  • Strategy 1: Assist to strengthen the infrastructure for innovation.
  • Strategy 2: Assist with the optimization of aligned resources for research and economic activity.
  • Strategy 3: Assist with the establishment of culture of RSCA branding to ensure deployment of research outcomes.

Office of General Counsel Strategic Plan Goal Four

Facilitate a Growing, High-Performing, and Healthy University

  • Strategy 1: Assist in infusing core values throughout all levels of the University.
  • Strategy 2: Assist with growing and sustaining financial resources aligned with the SDSU mission.
  • Strategy 3: Assist with the allocation of University resources to achieve strategic priorities.