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Standard Agreement Templates

Standard contract and agreement templates have been approved by the SDSU Office of General Counsel and are provided in accordance with University Policy 5:1. Using one of these templates will greatly expedite the review and approval process. Please review the following policies and information to ensure proper use of a standard contract or agreement template.

Policies to Guide the Contract Process

University Policy 5:1 Contract, Agreement, and MOU Review and Approval

University Policy 7:2 Electronic Signatures

SDBOR Policy 5:3 Agreements and Contracts

Information Regarding Proper Use

Standard Contract or Agreement

  • If a standard contract or agreement template exists for your situation, please use the University's standard contract.

Contract Changes

  • If the standard contract or agreement template needs to be changed, the user must have the contract or agreement reviewed by the Office of General Counsel.

Customized Contracts

  • If your department needs a customized contract or agreement, please contact the Office of General Counsel for assistance. We would be happy to help create something for you.

Current Contracts

  • Please note, University standard contracts exist for recurring situations and agreements. However, do not download them for future use, as the forms on this website may be revised and updated. To ensure that you are using the most current contract, please revisit the website each time you use a standard contract.

Contract Execution

  • All contracts and agreements must be signed by the duly authorized party for the University in order to be legally valid and binding.
  • In addition to the President, other individuals have the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University as the result of the President's delegation of such authority. If you are uncertain who is the appropriate individual to sign your contract, please contact Finance and Administration for guidance.

Contract Retention

  • In accordance with University Policy 5:1, the department or college is responsible for obtaining fully executed contracts or agreements and distributing copies to the appropriate parties. A copy, or if appropriate the original document, will also be provided to the Office of Finance and Administration for retention pursuant to record retention protocols as set forth in the SDBOR Records Retention Manual.

Templates for Standard Contracts and Agreements

Please note, the standard templates have been marked as "Draft" because they are missing the information and terms needed to complete them. Please feel free to remove the "Draft" watermark during your use; however, if substantive changes are made, please contact our office to review those changes.

Academic Agreements

Athletic Training Two-Party Clinical Affiliation Agreement

Athletic Training Three-Party Clinical Affiliation Agreement

Dietetics Affiliation Agreement

Internal Student Experiential Learning Placement Agreement

Internship Agreement (Non-Medical)

Master Agreement for Student Non-Medical Internship Placement

MOU - Academic Cooperation - International

Pharmacy Affiliation Agreement

Senior Design Capstone Project Agreement

Service Learning Project Agreement

Teacher Education Affiliation Agreement

Facility Use Agreements

Facility Use Agreement for External User

Facility Use Agreement for Internal User

Facility Use Agreement for SDSU Student Organizations or Affiliated Entities

General Consulting Contract

Consultant or Services Contract

Nursing Agreements

Nursing Education Affiliation Agreement

Preceptor Agreement

Standard Nursing Services Agreement

Research Agreements

Copyright Disclosure Form

Invention Disclosure Form

Inventor Request for Assignment of IP and Acknowledgement

IP Assignment to Creator Agreement

Facility Use for Research Agreement

Laboratory Services Agreement

Material Transfer to SDSU Agreement

Material Transfer to Another University or Non-Profit Entity Agreement

Material Transfer to For-Profit Entity Agreement

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

One-Way Non-Disclosure Agreement

Research Collaboration Agreement

Royalty Distribution Agreement

Sponsored Research Agreement

Sponsored Research Agreement (Non-Work-for-Hire)

Sponsored Service Agreement

Amendment to Sponsored Service or Sponsored Research Agreement

Standard Leases

Equipment and Real Property Lease (University as Lessor)

Equipment and Bare Ground Lease (University as Lessee)

Grazing Lease

Grazing Lease Termination Agreement

Real Property Lease Agreement (University as Tenant)

University Event Agreements

Standard University Performance Agreement

Standard University Performance Contract Rider

Standard University Speaker Agreement