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OL Compensation and Timeline

Lead the way this summer!

We're excited about your interest in the SDSU New Student Orientation Leader program! Our program offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth that is both challenging and rewarding. Please read through the following information carefully. If the OL program seems like the right fit for you, please submit your application materials by Monday, March 4. Instructions for completing your application can be found below.

Compensation and skill development

Base compensation. OLs will be compensated at a rate of $15.00 per hour for all training, program preparation, and New Student Orientation (NSO) sessions.

Summer benefits. Housing provided for summer sessions (if needed). Lunch during sessions provided. Uniform polo, name tag, fanny pack provided.

Marketable skills for your future. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) identified the top 10 attributes employers want to see on new college graduates' resumes, including: leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, verbal communication, strong work ethic, initiative, analytical thinking, adaptability and interpersonal skills. The OL program places emphasis on development in these and other areas to help our OLs enhance existing skills and develop new ones. Participation in our program can prepare you for future leadership roles, internships and employment.

Employment timeline

2024 Spring Semester Commitment

  • OLs will need to commit to the experience by the end of the semester
  • OLs will also need to complete Payroll paperwork prior to summer training

2024 Summer Training and NSO Sessions

  • Training and program preparation - May 14-June 5 (excludes weekends)
  • OL team retreat - May 16 overnight (tentative)
  • NSO sessions - May 23; June 6, 7, 11, 12, 14, 17, 18, 21, 24, 26, 27; August 6, 7

2024 Fall Sessions and Programs

  • Meet State (opening weekend) - OLs can expect to have hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of move-in weekend (August 22-24)
  • NSO sessions - sessions for spring 2025 admits will be held November 25 (tentative), December 9 (tentative) and January 10 (all day)

Application process

Step 1. Request application from Complete the application and send to the above email. Applications due by March 4.

Step 2. Schedule your individual interview time. This will be a rolling interview process, to be scheduled with NSO professional staff and student coordinator. Follow the directions at the end of the application to sign up for a time via Signup Genius.

Step 3. Notification and subsequent steps. Notice of offers to be sent March 8 or after. Accept or decline position by March 15. Upon accepting the position, paperwork to be submitted to Payroll prior to summer training.