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Wokini Knowledge Circle

Wokini Knowledge Circle

The Wokini Knowledge Circle at Hilton M. Briggs Library is dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of Oceti Sakowin (Sioux) culture, history and people. Through books, rotating exhibits and artwork, visitors can learn about the Indigenous people whose ancestral lands are where South Dakota State University now sits.

The books selected for the Wokini Knowledge Circle all feature Oceti Sakowin perspectives. The collection includes a wide variety of subjects, such as art and music, history, food, language, education, biographies, poetry, land use and much more. The exhibits and their corresponding online research guides are created by American Indian student assistants.

The shape of the Wokini Knowledge Circle reflects the layout of a traditional Oceti Sakowin camp circle, with the opening facing east toward the rising sun. The space is designed for growth and adaptation in the future, with room for new materials and the ability to display new exhibits.

The Wokini Knowledge Circle is made possible by a Wokini Initiative Challenge Grant.