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Briggs Library Bookplates

Digital Bookplates

South Dakota State University's Hilton M. Briggs Library gratefully acknowledges the support of donors through its digital bookplate initiative.

Digital bookplates honor library friends whose contributions supplement and enhance collections, spaces, and services at Briggs Library. These bookplates also recognize gifts to the library made on behalf of a family, friend, or colleague for special occasions such as a significant accomplishment, graduation, birthday, anniversary, retirement, or memorial.

With these gifts, Briggs Library continues to provide excellent resources for scholarship and research to SDSU students, faculty, and the wider community. Thank you to our supporters!

If you are interested in donating to the library, please call (605) 688-5107, email, or see the Briggs Library Wish List.


Gifts to the Library

General gifts of funds and materials enhance Briggs Library resources and make a broad impact on SDSU students, faculty, and researchers. These digital bookplates recognize donors whose gifts support the collection.

Digital bookplate example: Jack Rabbit Gift Acknowledgment, Briggs Library, SDSU













2019 Digital Bookplates

2018 Digital Bookplates

2017 Digital Bookplates


40th Anniversary

Hilton M. Briggs Library celebrated its 40th anniversary in the fall of 2017, which included the launch of the digital bookplate initiative. These digital bookplates recognize donors who contributed gifts in honor of the library's anniversary.

Digital bookplate example: Gift of Jack Rabbit in honor of Briggs Library's 40th anniversary













40th Anniversary Digital Bookplates