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Moul Dey

Moul Dey



Office Building

Wagner Hall



Mailing Address

Wagner Hall 419
Health & Nutritional Sciences-Box 2275A
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007


Dr. Dey is the founding director of functional nutrition research at SDSU and teaches molecular nutrition and nutrigenomics in undergraduate and graduate-level nutrition/dietetics classes. The increasing burden of chronic diseases creates a growing gap between health span and lifespan, leading to numerous negative socioeconomic implications. Food provides our bodies with the instructions they need to function. With uninterrupted competitive funding as a principal investigator, Dr. Dey has led multidisciplinary research for over two decades. Her research has advanced nutritional health knowledge by providing both clinical and molecular-level insights into the interactions of dietary patterns and bioactives with the human body and the gut microbiome. Her team utilizes preclinical models, randomized controlled feeding trials, and various 'omics' tools (e.g. metabolomics, epigenomics, and more). Dr. Dey has also served on journal editorial boards and numerous internal and external advisory and grant review panels, including NIH, USDA, FFAR, DoD, and more. In Dr. Dey's lab, approximately 40 researchers, including graduate (Ph.D. and MS), undergraduate students, and postdoctoral scholars, have received funding and research training at the intersection of nutrition and biomedical sciences. They have also benefited from mentoring for professional development. In Dey's lab, researchers learn how to perform as high-functioning, collaborative team members, acquire critical thinking and analytical skills, develop problem-solving proficiency, and gain the ability to learn quickly and work independently. The mentored research in Dr. Dey's lab has resulted in ten coveted recognitions since 2014, including some of the most prestigious student awards in the field of nutrition science from the American Society for Nutrition.

Academic Interests

Gut microbiome
Nutrient-gene interactions
Randomized controlled feeding trials
Human disease models
R programming


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