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CSSA Events

Section - Chinese Students Scholars Association

Activities and events like China Night will be held to promote Chinese culture and values. It is CSSA's desire that the people of South Dakota would come to appreciate the culture that they are so passionate about.

Please join our school email group to keep an eye on any future activities.

Feel boring in town? Or tired doing homework and experiments? Or just want a party? Why not join us!

Live is colorful! Either enjoy a picnic with the community or take part in a school activity to meet new friends, CSSA provides you with plenty of events over the whole year! Check out the following seasonal activities and find out what you like. 

Spring (March - May)




Activity# of Participants# of DaysTimeLocation
Spring-break travel5-104-6Mid MarchIn-state
Graduation partyAll1Late MayOn campus



Summer (June - August)

Activity# of Participants# of DaysTimeLocation
Summer BBQ30-501TBDState park
Brookings travelNew students1Late AugustIn-town
Summer travel5-105-7TBDOut-of-state
Brookings Arts Festival-1TBDIn-town


Fall (September - November)

Activity# of Participants# of DaysTimeLocation
BCC new semester partyAll11st week of Sep.Brookings park
Mid-moon festival/China NightAll1Late Sep.In-town
Maple travel5-103-4Early Oct.Out-of-state
Hobo DayAll1Mid-Oct.On-campus
Thanksgiving shoppingTBD2-3ThanksgivingMinneapolis


Winter (December - February)

Activity# of Participants# of DaysTimeLocation
Skiing5-101TBDMount Keto
Christmas partyAll1Christmas EveOn-campus
China NightAll1TBDOn-campus
Chinese New Year Eve partyAll1TBDOn-campus