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Honors Study Abroad

Studying Abroad with Honors

Each year, the Fishback Honors College provides an opportunity for students to participate in an interdisciplinary study abroad adventure.

Students take a class together during the spring semester, along with the Honors staff and faculty who are leading the experience. Then, the group travels abroad for 10-14 days during the summer--usually departing in the week immediately following final exams and graduation.

Student Perspectives

"Studying abroad allowed me to experience things that I never would have been exposed to otherwise. Study abroad helped shape me as a student, person and global citizen!" - Jacob Gubbrud, Electrical Engineering

“This experience has and will continue to be applied to my personal life and my relationships with others, to my role as a global citizen, my future career and my own sense of identity.” - Hannah Smith, Early Childhood Education 

"Everything about this trip scared me. However, I am so incredibly thankful that I went. I became friends with people I never would’ve otherwise, I learned a lot about another country and about myself, and I had a dang good time.” - Amanda Husted, Human Development and Family Studies

Locations and Themes

Past study abroad locations and themes have included:

  • Greece - Exploring the Ethos of Honors (2015)
  • Ecuador/Galapagos Islands - The Voyage of Honors (2016)
  • Ireland - Interdisciplinary immersion in the Emerald Isle (2017)
  • Indonesia - Textiles and Trade Routes (2018)
  • Netherlands and Belgium- An Honors Exploration of Human Rights and Global Relations (2019)

These experiences are organized through the SDSU Study Abroad Office and include exciting excursions, unique opportunities and thorough vetting for safety, convenience and maximum benefit.