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Office of Community Standards; Mission and Standards

Office of Community Standards

Serving as conflict coaches, mediators and hearing officers, the staff of this office and partner organizations such as university Housing and Residential Life assist students in all stages of adjustment and adaptation.

Student Conduct

The function of Student Conduct is to sustain a quality educational environment throughout campus. SDSU has specific rules and regulations, as well as general guidelines for good citizenship and responsible behavior. The primary purpose of these standards is to protect the rights and property of all persons within the university community, and to ensure student success.

The fundamental goal of the SDSU conduct system is to maintain these standards by helping students to understand their responsibilities to the University community.

Contact Information

Jim Schmaedeke
Assistant Director for Conduct Services

The Office of Student Conduct deals with student policy violations; it is not a legal office. Please utilize this page for student judicial information. For legal assistance, please contact the Students' Association office at 605-688-5181 for a referral to a student legal consultant.

The Conduct Process

  1. An Incident Occurs.

  2. You Receive an E-mail Regarding the Incident Containing Instructions Check Your E-mail.

  3. Schedule an Appointment with the Contact Person Listed.

  4. Meet with the Contact Person (Hearing Officer).

  5. Discuss the Incident(s) with the Hearing Officer.

  6. Come to a Conclusion Together About a Resolution. May require more than one meeting.*

*You have the right to inquire about the appeal process.

Information for Prospective Contacts:

Assistant Director of Student Conduct: 605-688-5148

Residence Hall Directors or Area Coordinators (See letter for specific person): 605-688-5148

Title IX/EEO Office: 605-688-4128