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Got Your Back, Jack!

Got Your Back, Jack!

Here at SDSU we value students’ success, and we understand that sometimes part of being a student anywhere is learning how to commit to healthy choices. Student Affairs’ staff and partners maintain efforts to ensure that every student has a chance to live in an environment where we create a culture of respecting each other, protecting each other, and supporting each other.

In the past year we have provided students educational activities on subjects such as sexual assault prevention, alcohol use, and discrimination or harassment.  

Piloted in Spring, 2018, Student Affairs’ staff presented the NCAA and University of Arizona bystander intervention training: StepUP! This program helps students learn how to begin to discuss difficult situations such as those surrounding alcohol and healthy relationships as well as provides tools to intervene on their own behalf or for someone in need.

For a Quick Review of StepUP! here are the 5 DECISION MAKING STEPS

  1. Notice the event.
  2. Interpret the event as a problem — investigate!
  3. Assume personal responsibility.
  4. Know how to help.
  5. Implement the help: Step UP!

Check out more about StepUP! here in this video below:

Contact information:
Contact staff if you have questions about signing up for a StepUP! training, or getting involved with our work. Contact via our email for more information.