Submitting Files

Jobs files should adhere to these guidelines as closely as possible. This checklist represents many of the details (but not necessarily all of them) that are required for a file to print correctly. Until they are met, the file is likely not “print-ready,” and may not print as intended. By meeting these guidelines, there is a greater opportunity to reduce the amount of time spent altering, correcting or preparing your file. And subsequently the faster it will move through our shop. In most cases you should allow extra time for a hard-copy proof. Rushing the order inevitably leads to problems.

Bleed – If the design calls for images or colors to bleed, there should be a minimum of one-eighth of an inch (.125) on all sides that trim. (Note: keep text at text at least .1875 way from the finished edge.)

Crop Marks – Please include standard crop marks so we know where to cut your work.

Size & Resolution – The document size should be the same as the trim size of the final piece. Your document and all the parts should have a print resolution, or 300 dpi.

Color – Colors can vary when printed on different machines and how they are viewed on your monitor. If you are particular, and when using official university colors, your print document should have CMYK or Pantone swatches.

Mock Up – Submitting a printed sample with your electronic print files, cut and folded as intended, goes a long way in ensuring the smooth production of your print job.

File Format – Our preferred file format is a high-resolution pdf file. We also accept InDesign and QuarkXPress package files which include supporting files and fonts. When using Microsoft Word or Publisher, please convert your finished documents to pdf. There is much formatting that can change between your computer and ours, and the end result will likely look very different than intended. Although we don’t recommend using Photoshop for layout, please save your file unflattened as a Photoshop pdf to retain crisp text.

University Logos – All university trademarks are governed by University Marketing and Communications. Your use of the registered marks must adhere to the rules of the SDSU Brand Identity Guide and must also be approved by Andrea Kieckhefer at UMC.