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CHRD Admissions

Application Process

The application deadline for Fall is April 1 and for Spring admission is Oct. 1. The priority application deadline for Fall admission is Dec. 1.

Please note that the CHRD Counseling Programs at SDSU are designed to meet the educational requirements for licensure in South Dakota. Each state/territory maintains its own licensing or registration requirements. BEFORE beginning SDSU’s program, students intending to secure licensure outside of South Dakota, should review the counseling licensure requirements to determine whether SDSU has obtained confirmation from the state or territory formally identifying if this program meets the educational requirements for licensure.

STEP 1: Applicant Applies to the Graduate School

  • Apply to the Graduate School prior to the CHRD deadline to allow for processing (preferably two weeks before the deadline).
  • Do not use the reference forms provided by the Graduate School. Please use CHRD Recommendation Forms and include two letters of reference.
  • Graduate School applications received after the CHRD deadline will be denied and deferred to the next semester.
  • The minimum GPA to apply is 2.75, however a 3.0 or higher is desired.
  • GRE is not required.

STEP 2: Applicant Applies to the CHRD Program

Applicants to the CHRD program must submit the documents below by April 1 for fall admission or Oct. 1 for spring admission. Late or incomplete applications may be denied. The listed documents can be sent directly to the CHRD via email.

STEP 3: Faculty Review Applicant's File

Complete admission files will be evaluated by CHRD faculty. Applicants receiving a high rating will be invited to an admissions group interview; applicants receiving a low rating will be denied.

STEP 4: Admissions Group Interview

Invited applicants are divided into groups and interview with CHRD faculty members and other counseling/student affairs professionals. Applicants will be evaluated by interviewers and an email will be sent to all applicants approximately one week after the interview. Applicants receiving a low rating will be denied; other applicants will proceed to step 5.

STEP 5: State/Federal Background Check

Applicants who successfully complete the interview are required to complete and pay for a state and federal background check.

STEP 6: Final Admissions Decision

Once the CHRD program receives the results of the background check, the program will make a decision to admit or deny. If admitted, the student will be notified via email from the SDSU Graduate School and the student can register for classes. NOTE: Students must register for classes within one year after acceptance date or will need to reapply to the Graduate School and reapply/re-interview with the CHRD Program.