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CHRD Admissions

Section - Counseling and Human Resource Development

Application Process

The application deadline for Fall is April 1 and for Spring admission is October 1. The Priority Application deadline for Fall admission is December 1.

STEP 1: Applicant Applies to the Graduate School

  • Apply to the Graduate School prior to the CHRD deadline to allow for processing (preferably 6 weeks at a minimum)
  • Do not use the reference forms provided by the Graduate School. Please use  CHRD Recommendation Forms and include 2 letters of reference.
  • Graduate School applications received after the CHRD deadline will be denied and deferred to the next semester
  • The minimum GPA to apply is 2.75, however a 3.0 or higher is desired
  • GRE is not required

STEP 2: Applicant Applies to the CHRD Program

Applicants to the CHRD program must submit the documents below by April 1 for fall admission or October 1 for spring admission. Late or incomplete applications may be denied. The documents below can be sent directly to the CHRD email at

STEP 3: Faculty Review Applicant's File

Complete admission files will be evaluated by CHRD faculty. Applicants receiving a high rating will be invited to an admissions group interview; applicants receiving a low rating will be denied.

STEP 4: Admissions Group Interview

Invited applicants are divided into groups and interview with CHRD faculty members and other counseling/student affairs professionals. Applicants will be evaluated by interviewers and an email will be sent to all applicants approximately one week after the interview. Applicants receiving a low rating will be denied; other applicants will proceed to STEP 5.

STEP 5: State/Federal Background Check

Applicants who successfully complete the interview are required to complete and pay for a state and federal background check.

STEP 6: Final Admissions Decision

Once the CHRD program receives the results of the background check, the program will make a decision to admit or deny. If admitted, the student will be notified via email from the SDSU Graduate School and the student can register for classes. NOTE: Students must register for classes within one year after acceptance date or will need to reapply to the Graduate School and reapply/re-interview with the CHRD Program.