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Track 4: Engineering, Technology and Math

Students pursuing or interested in the following majors will be advised under the Engineering, Technology and Math track.

Majors within Engineering, Technology and Math

UC 102/UC 102L Course Sections for the Engineering, Technology and Math Track:

UC 102, S02:  Monday & Wednesday from 10-10:50 a.m.

UC 102L, S01:  Meeting time is included with the lecture course.

Course Recommendations by Major:

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
ABE 132, GE 231, CSC 130, STAT 281
BIOL 101/101L, MATH 123/123L
CHEM 112/112L, PHYS 211/211L

Agricultural Systems Technology
AST 203/203L, PS 103/103L, AST 273/273L
AST 213/213L, ECON 202, ACCT 210
CHEM 106/106L, PHYS 111/111L, BIOL 101/101L

Civil Engineering
GE 101, CEE 106/CEE 106L
MATH 123/123L, PHYS 211/211L

Computer Science
CSC 100L, CSC 150, INFO 102, INFO 101
PHYS 111/111L or PHYS 211/211L
BIOL 151/151L or CHEM 112/112L
MATH 123/123L, GE 231

Construction Management
CM 124, CM 130, ECON 202, GE 231
CHEM 106/106L, PHYS 111/111L
MATH 121/121L

Electrical Engineering
EE 101L, MATH 123/123L, GE 231
CSC 150, CHEM 112/112L, PHYS 211/211L

Electronics Engineering Technology
GE 101, GE 121, GE 123, CM 130, GE 231
ET 210/210L, STAT 281, ACCT 210, ECON 202
PHYS 111/111L, MATH 121/121L

MATH 123, INFO 101
CHEM 106/106L or CHEM 112/112L
PHYS 111/111L or PHYS 211/211L or BIOL 151/151L

Mechanical Engineering
ECON 201, GE 101, GE 231
ME 121/121L, MATH 123/123L
CHEM 112/112L, PHYS 211/211L

Operations Management
ET 210/ET 210L, GE 231, ACCT 210
PHYS 101/PHYS 101L, CHEM 106/106L
MATH 121/121L, STAT 281

PHYS 111/111L, PHYS 211/211L
MATH 123/123L, CHEM 112/112L,
GE 121, GE 123, PHIL 200

Precision Agriculture
ABS 203, ECON 201, MATH 102, STAT 281
AST 203/203L, PS 103/103L, ET 210/210L
AST 273/273L, BIOL 151/151L, BOT 201/201L
CHEM 106/ 106L, PHYS 111/111L