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Track 4: Engineering, Technology and Math

Students pursuing or interested in the following majors will be advised under the Engineering, Technology and Math track.

Majors within Engineering, Technology and Math

ACS 102 Course Sections for the Engineering, Technology and Math Track:

Course Recommendations by Major:

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
ABE 132, GE 231, CSC 130, STAT 281
BIOL 101/101L, MATH 123/123L
CHEM 112/112L, PHYS 211/211L

Agricultural Systems Technology
AST 203/203L, PS 103/103L, AST 273/273L
AST 213/213L, ECON 202, ACCT 210
CHEM 106/106L, PHYS 111/111L, BIOL 101/101L

Civil Engineering
GE 101, CEE 106/CEE 106L
MATH 123/123L, PHYS 211/211L

Computer Science
CSC 100L, CSC 150, INFO 102, INFO 101
PHYS 111/111L or PHYS 211/211L
BIOL 151/151L or CHEM 112/112L
MATH 123/123L, GE 231

Construction Management
CM 124, CM 130, ECON 202, GE 231
CHEM 106/106L, PHYS 111/111L
MATH 121/121L

Electrical Engineering
EE 101L, MATH 123/123L, GE 231
CSC 150, CHEM 112/112L, PHYS 211/211L

Electronics Engineering Technology
GE 101, GE 121, GE 123, CM 130, GE 231
ET 210/210L, STAT 281, ACCT 210, ECON 202
PHYS 111/111L, MATH 121/121L

MATH 123, INFO 101
CHEM 106/106L or CHEM 112/112L
PHYS 111/111L or PHYS 211/211L or BIOL 151/151L

Mechanical Engineering
ECON 201, GE 101, GE 231
ME 121/121L, MATH 123/123L
CHEM 112/112L, PHYS 211/211L

Operations Management
ET 210/ET 210L, GE 231, ACCT 210
PHYS 101/PHYS 101L, CHEM 106/106L
MATH 121/121L, STAT 281

PHYS 111/111L, PHYS 211/211L
MATH 123/123L, CHEM 112/112L,
GE 121, GE 123, PHIL 200

Precision Agriculture
ABS 203, ECON 201, MATH 102, STAT 281
AST 203/203L, PS 103/103L, ET 210/210L
AST 273/273L, BIOL 151/151L, BOT 201/201L
CHEM 106/ 106L, PHYS 111/111L