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Engineering Technology (A.S.)

Technology is the key to your future.

The Engineering Technology program introduces you to basic engineering knowledge and skills that are used in manufacturing, industrial sales and services, and similar career fields. The Engineering Technology major will prepare you for technical entry-level positions such as production scheduler, maintenance planner, quality assurance, industrial purchasing and sales, production team leader, and, with experience, promotion to supervisor or foreman. Graduates of the A.S. in Engineering Technology can transfer all required credits toward a bachelor’s degree program at SDSU in Operations Management (B.S.) or Electronics Engineering Technology (B.S.).

Is it for you?

This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Are organized, analytical, logical, and a strong decision-maker
  • Have an inquisitive mind and are curious about how things work
  • Have good communication and a desire to lead
  • Like working with others to meet common goals
  • Enjoy working with complex technology and solving problems

Career Opportunities

  • Production scheduler
  • Maintenance planner
  • Product testing and development
  • Technical operations
  • Quality control
  • Product sales
  • Team lead
  • Supervisor/foreman

Recent Employers

  • New program in fall 2020