SDACTE honors Graves, DeBates

South Dakota State University assistant professor Nicole A. Graves has been named the 2020 South Dakota Association for Career and Technical Education Postsecondary Teacher of the Year. Graves also received the award in 2019.

South Dakota State University Hobo Day Statement

South Dakota State University officials and the 2020 Hobo Day Committee continued to meet over the summer and explore options as pertaining to this year’s Hobo Day celebration.

Sun Grant project explores adding cellulose fibers to asphalt

Assistant professor Rouzbeh Ghabchi led a Sun Grant study to determine whether cellulose fibers, harvested from agricultural residue and forest byproducts, can be integrated into asphalt pavement mixtures.

SDSU Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services has 3 rapid point-of-care testing machines; ADRDL certified for testing

South Dakota State University’s Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services has three rapid point-of-care COVID-19 testing machines in place for testing of symptomatic students.

SDSU food scientist increases protein, fiber in steamed bread

Professor Padu Krishnan is increasing the protein and fiber content of steamed bread by incorporating up to 15% food-grade dried distillers grain.

The South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum received South Dakota Humanities CARES Act Grant

The South Dakota Humanities Council CARES Act Grant allocated $14,050 to the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum. The grant will be used for student salaries and for expenses related to altering the galleries to better accommodate social distancing and for equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19. “This grant came at a critical time for the museum.

Kerr named campus advisor of the year

Matty Kerr, South Dakota State University’s program adviser-university traditions, received the Campus Advisor of the Year Award at Dance Marathon Leadership Conference 2020.

SDSU scientists to examine how coronavirus infects cells

Identifying the mechanisms through which the new coronavirus enters and infects cells can help scientists combat COVID-19—and perhaps other emerging viruses. Professor Adam Hoppe of the South Dakota State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will identify genes that inhibit or contribute to viral infections through a one-year, $200,000 National Science Foundation grant.

SDSU power systems professor, alumnus honored

Reinaldo Tonkoski, an associate professor in the South Dakota State University Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has been honored for his part with an Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers work group. Tonkoski and 21 colleagues from around the world received the 2020 IEEE Power & Energy Society Working Group Recognition Award for the technical report, “Micr

From Combat to the Classroom

Combat veteran and recent SDSU alum, Wyatt Brown, seeks to blend his two passions for the military and horticulture to help local veterans transition back into society. Growing up in rural Wakefield, Nebraska, Wyatt Brown was surrounded by conventional agriculture.