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The South Dakota State University Center of Excellence for Bison Studies Hosts the BISON Exhibit

The Center of Excellence for Bison Studies at the West River Research and Extension facility located in Rapid City, South Dakota is hosting BISON: A traveling exhibit exploring the past, present, and future of this great North American mammal.  The traveling exhibit is currently located at the West River Research and Extension facility at 711 N Creek Dr. in Rapid City.

Compelling Review on Ketene N,O Acetal Synthesis

Congratulations to Timothy Paris regarding an elegant review on Ketene N, O-acetals synthesis. Ketene N, O-acetals are robust and versatile synthons. Herein, we outline the synthesis of stable ketene N, O-acetals in the twenty-first century.

Synthesis Surrounding the Synthesis of α-Ketoacetals is Featured on the Cover of JOC

Work performed by Timothy Paris was once again featured on the cover of the Journal of Organic Chemistry, congratulations Tim! A one-step synthesis of α-ketoacetals via electrophilic etherification of α-alkoxy enolates and monoperoxyacetals can be found at the following link: 

Precision ag research initiatives to build innovation ecosystem

Using precision agriculture and natural resource data to increase the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of crop and livestock production—that vision is driving research initiatives to build an ecosystem to fuel innovation that benefits the state’s largest industry. The momentum and excitement surrounding the Raven Precision Agriculture Center, which opened in fall 2021, has triggered e

SDSU Poll captures pulse of South Dakota electorate

Several political scientists in the School of the American and Global Studies are capturing the pulse of the South Dakota electorate through The SDSU Poll.

Regents Award SDSU Student Organizations

The South Dakota Board of Regents recognized student organizations from South Dakota State University this week for their outstanding academic, community and organizational work.   Student groups receiving awards were: Award for Academic Excellence Community Service Award Award for Organizational Leadership

Zaug chosen as December's Civil Service Employee of the Month

In recognition of her strong work ethic, intellect and representation of the Office of International Affairs, Melisa Zaug has been named the December Civil Service Employee of the Month. Her reception will start at 3 p.m. Dec. 17 in Hilton M.

Fishback Honors College involvement spurs research pursuits

If it weren’t for her involvement in the Van D. and Barbara B.

Research helps SDSU senior refine career path

When Sioux Falls native Zachary Lehmann came to South Dakota State University, he set his sights on becoming a medical physicist. “In AP physics class (at Washington High School), I was exposed to the field of medical and health physics, such as radiation therapies for cancer. That piqued my interest (in medical physics),” Lehmann said.

USDA FSA working to include bison herds affected with Mycoplasma in livestock assistance programs, carcass disposal assistance also available

Producers Urged to Inform Local FSA Offices of Mycoplasma Related Death Losses Leadership at USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) have responded to a request from National Bison Association to find a new path for relief for bison producers affected by Mycoplasma infection and mortality.