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SDSU joins the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Alliance

South Dakota State University has been invited by the Institute of International Education, a global network of partners offering practical support to scholars threatened by war and persecution, as an inaugural member. The IIE-Scholar Rescue Fund Alliance launched in August 2020 to expand the efforts of IIE and its partners to assist the unprecedented number of threatened and displaced scholars g

Hansen receives Graduate of the Last Decade Award

South Dakota State University faculty member Tim Hansen received the Graduate of the Last Decade Award from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Hansen is MSOE’s first-ever recipient of the award. Hansen, an assistant professor in the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, graduated from MSOE with a B.S. in computer engineering in 2011.

Osei Poku Selected to 2020-2022 Phi Kappa Phi Council of Students

South Dakota State University student Vivian Osei Poku recently was selected to serve on The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi's 2020-2022 Council of Students.

Sun Grant project explores adding cellulose fibers to asphalt

Assistant professor Rouzbeh Ghabchi led a Sun Grant study to determine whether cellulose fibers, harvested from agricultural residue and forest byproducts, can be integrated into asphalt pavement mixtures.

SDSU scientists to examine how coronavirus infects cells

Identifying the mechanisms through which the new coronavirus enters and infects cells can help scientists combat COVID-19—and perhaps other emerging viruses. Professor Adam Hoppe of the South Dakota State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will identify genes that inhibit or contribute to viral infections through a one-year, $200,000 National Science Foundation grant.

SDSU power systems professor, alumnus honored

Reinaldo Tonkoski, an associate professor in the South Dakota State University Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has been honored for his part with an Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers work group. Tonkoski and 21 colleagues from around the world received the 2020 IEEE Power & Energy Society Working Group Recognition Award for the technical report, “Micr

SDSU imaging engineers testing prototype calibration device

Imaging engineers are testing a prototype device to calibrate sensors on Earth-imaging satellites and conducting research to validate new remote sensing products.

Bormann receives NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

Sydney Bormann, who graduated in May from South Dakota State University, has been granted a prestigious NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship, the association has announced. Bormann, who was a member of SDSU's women's golf team, is one of 42 recipients of the scholarship, which includes 21 from women's sports among all three NCAA divisions to earn the honor this spring.

Gent becomes North Central Sun Grant regional director

Professor Stephen Gent of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is the regional director of the North Central Sun Grant Center.

Engineering study examines sunflower stem growth

Plant scientists and biomaterials engineers can benefit from the first study to quantify structural and compositional changes as the sunflower stem grows.