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Profiles and Directories

What is an profile?

An profile acts as a point of contact for the users of It contains biographical information about the employee, filled out at their discretion or that of their office/department. Profiles are edited by logging into, and contact details displayed on profiles are edited on InsideState, the faculty/staff portal.

Profiles can have links to personal and professional websites, research projects, details of grants, and so much more. There is also space for a professional photo to be uploaded.

Who is a profile for?

Everyone who has an email address has a public profile they can edit.

When should a profile be updated?

Profiles should be updated as frequently as information changes. A good time to update a profile may be around yearly evaluations, or after publication of a new paper or any major career change within the university. Users want to know what you are up to, and profiles act as an easy source of that information, and a quick source of peer contact. The more up to date a profile, the more visible, and the more effective a communication tool. You get out of your profile the effort you put into it.

Where does a profile show?

Profiles show in our site search, in the directory filter, they can be shown on pages at the discretion of content managers, they show up in external searches such as Google, and profiles show on Our People pages organized at the discretion of offices and departments. SDSU Extension also uses information from profiles for display on their site.

How do I update a profile?

Editing a profile is as simple as being a current employee and having the ability to login to your email address. You can edit your profile after login by clicking your name in the black bar at the top of the screen, taking you to your user page. This lists all content you have authored on There is a section which has your profile listed, with an edit link. Click that link to be taken to the edit form for your profile. Once there, grayed out fields can be edited by clicking the edit contact information button. Other fields are editable in the form. You can also save a draft version of your profile updates, and publish it at a later date. Contact the Support Desk with questions about access to your email. If you are a content manager or web editor looking to update a profile which is not your own, or how to edit an our people page, contact websupport for assistance, or checkout our How to site.

To login, go to or you can go to, click on the Menu, Tools & Quick Links, and My Account. Then you will enter your Single Sign On credentials that you use for other SDSU related accounts.

Why should I update my profile?

Profiles are a valuable source of information for collaboration with peers at other institutions, for reaching you for a question about your work, and for public outreach. It is also a place to share your professional accomplishments, your personality, and to connect with the broader campus climate.