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How to Add a Facebook Feed

Steps to Add a Facebook Feed 

  1. Go in to “Edit” the landing page you want to add the Facebook feed to.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the editor page and find the “Facebook Feed” field.
  3. Click the “Add New Node” button.
  4. In the “Name of Facebook page” field, enter your feed name in accordance with the Facebook page’s name e.g. SDState Department of Sociology and Rural Studies.
  5. In the “Facebook Feed URL” field, paste the URL of the Facebook page you want to add a feed of e.g.
  6. The default “Facebook Feed Height” is set at 350. Increasing the number will increase the length of the feed, and vice versa. 
  7. Choose whether or not you want your cover photo to appear in the widget scaled for size; click false if no, and true if yes.
  8. In the “Facebook Feed Tabs” section, choose if you want the feed to display timeline posts or your page’s events. Messages will allow users with a Facebook account to log in and leave a comment on your page if that is enabled.
  9. In the “Facebook Feed Call to Action” section, choose false if you do not want a call to action to display, or true if you would like a call to action to display.
  10. In the “Facebook Feed Small Header” choose false if you do not want users to be able to “Like” your page from the feed widget and vice versa. 
  11. Click “Create Node.”
  12. Save the page.

Important Considerations

  • If a department or college has already added a Facebook feed that you would like to reuse e.g. the official South Dakota State University feed, simply click the “Add Existing Node” button, then begin typing the Facebook page name, and the field will auto populate to that Facebook feed.
  • Please note that just because your department or college has a Facebook page, does not mean the college or department has created a Facebook Feed on our website.