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Saving a Page

Once a web editor has made changes to a page, they will have two choices to Save as: "Ready to Review" or "In Progress."

A screenshot of the dropdown menu showing the options for: In Progress, Ready for Review, Unpublished.

Ready to Review

This means the page is ready to be published once reviewed by the web services team.

  • The web services team will review for improper coding, AP style and other content governance factors.
  • Pages are reviewed every business day and approval should happen within 24 hours. If a page is not approved in this time period and you have not been contacted about needed corrections, please contact
  • Once approved the editor should receive an email.

In Progress

This means you have begun editing a page, but are not done with it yet and do not want it published.

  • The web services team will not publish these pages until they are marked ready for review.
  • This is a good way to save some editing and come back to it later.
  • Note: While we are transitioning to a new work flow, web services is taking extra care to monitor pages in this state.


Once a page has been published, it needs to be changed to be unpublished.

  • "In Progess" does not unpublish the page.