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Registering for Exams at the Testing Center

Steps to Schedule a Testing Appointment

RegisterBlast may also be accessed on the Testing Center webpage and on your MyState Account.

  • Please create an account on RegisterBlast, this will make it easier for you to manage your testing appointments. (You would be able to change the date and time of your appointment if you need to, and see all the appointments you have made). 

To Set Up Your RegisterBlast Account:

  1. Click sign in.

Click sign in at the top right of the student registration page.

  1. Type in your Jacks email address.
  2. Click reset the password.

Once your Jacks email address is entered, click Reset Password to create or reset the password.  Follow the link provided via to your Jacks email to create or reset the password.

To Register for Exams:

  1. Sign in using your Jacks email and password you created
  2. Register for exams.

When you have logged in successfully, the accommodations that you have been approved for will appear during the registration process. You will also be able to see the exams you are registered for here.

Important Registration Information

  • You must sign in using your Jacks email.
  • Make your appointment at least 48 hours in advance so that your professor has adequate time to get your exam to the Testing Center.  When registering, you will be locked out of appointment times less than 24 hours from the time when you are making the appointment.
  • You can only register for one exam at a time.  Complete the registration for the first exam and log out.  Then go back into your account and register for the next exam.  Make sure to follow this process so that you will get your appropriate accommodation.

Testing Day:

  • Bring your SDSU photo ID.
  • Bring calculator or any allowed materials you may need for the exam.
  • Know how to log in to your course if your exam is online. 
  • All online exams are administered on Testing Center computers.

Testing information can be found here